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Why We?

Going digital is the latest trend in many businesses. Many smart restaurateurs use different soft wares and apps for managing different tasks effectively. Here we have developed a software “eatym” that is a one-stop solution for all your task management in the restaurant business. Now one can travel anywhere and still track the buzz in the restaurant remotely.

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Honorable Clients

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Now I am able to track almost everything of my restaurant remotely & I can travel anywhere without disconnecting from my restaurants. Technology served in right way! Thanks to eatym team.

M. A. Sattu

Owner at Delicious Dishes

Inventory and Stock Management

This feature keeps you hands-on with information about the inventory and stock. What is in stock and what needs to be ordered. This is a very unique feature and keeps the kitchen staff tooled up with this information straight away from the kitchen without going to the storeroom and is done on the fingertips. So now, keep a track of the inventory wherever you are from this app, with everything just a few clicks away.

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Effective Staff Management

Your staff is the backbone of your business. Your reputation depends upon the effective working of your staff. Here comes an app that also enables you to keep a track of your employee’s attendance, absence, performance all at just a click away.

Now you can know everything about your staff even when you are far away from your restaurant, spending some quality time with your loved ones, or attending some important work.

It takes off the unnecessary emphasis that you put being present there personally.


Staying Connected

The most alluring feature of this app is effective connectivity at all levels of restaurant management. Yes. The kitchen, the dining floor, the reception, the staff performing various other activities and the management all are connected with this single app.

Now you can know what is happening in the kitchen sitting in your cabin. You can easily get the information regarding your stock and inventory from anywhere and at any time.

Now get hands-on information about the number of tables booked, dishes ordered, availability of stock, availability of the dishes, hassle-free payments, out of stock items, dine ins, takeaways, orders that are completed, that are still pending and are still in process, item wise availability of crockery, reports, staff attendance everything at a go through this app.

A customer can directly talk to the restaurateur dialing from this app and bring the issue to his notice directly. So no middlemen required for the settlement of issues. This has an effective impact on the other level of management and staff too.

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The biggest and most important feature of Eatym is communication.
The kitchen, the dining floor, the reception and the management are all connected with this simple app.

Designed & Worked With Latest Technology Integration

The technology used to build eatym SOFTWARE, & APPLICATION is highly flexible. Designed by our pros to suit every need of our clients in the restaurant industry. We understand the hassles of the food and restaurant industry and we love to be a step ahead of our competitors. Here we developed a product that takes care of every minute details and keeps you updated with it. Now one can take out some time for relaxing with one own self and with family and can still run the business smoothly.

Now keep track of every happening in your restaurant just in few clicks and increase the performance and productivity of your staff and the reputation of your restaurant. After all, we want our clients to be ahead in the race and stand out in every aspect.

Happy Restaurenting!!!

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