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The following are the terms and conditions of a legal agreement between you (the users) and/or the person/ entity authorized to represent you or your and eatym.com/Capilead ventures in regards to their website eatym.com.

The terms and conditions of the website and app eatym.com regarding your access to the use of their website and/or app on the domain www.eatym.com and/ or any part of the website and/ or app available on its sub domain and/ or blogs available on eatym.com.

The terms and conditions of use have to be considered jointly with the company’s privacy policy. This is to be respected and followed by one and all (users and makers). By accessing our website or using the website and/or app eatym.com you agree to follow tend be bund to our following terms and condition. These terms and conditions are regarding your access to use of the website and/ or app and the content provided on the website and app or through the website and our privacy policy.

If one does not agree to all the terms and conditions of use then do not access or use the websit/software/or app.


As per the terms and conditions of our website/ app, no one is subject to get access to the content of our website and/ or app. And no one is subject to access to transfer, copy, display, commercialize the content.

Forums discussion groups, chat bots, bulletin boards, e-mails, and other services can be accessed only after agreeing with the terms and conditions of eatym.com. In connection with which one can upload or download or shares, email post, publish transmit or otherwise access the content must do it with prior information/ permission.

Change in terms and conditions and prices of the product eatym.com has all the rights to change or modify the terms and conditions and privacy policy and make changes in the features of the software/ and or app and the price of their product without prior intimation.


The use of software and or app by you or any other entity is subject to all the agreements terms and conditions of service and /or any other service level agreements and any such agreements signed between you and eatym.com

In case of breach of contract/ terms and conditions or any conflicts and inconsistency between the terms and conditions of use and any other agreements signed between you and eatym.com, the later shall have all the rights with respect to your access and use of software and or app.

In the event of software is provided through the website or any other means has means has to be licensed to you through any specific agreement or as per the terms and conditions for your use. In the absence of which you are subject to the following:

  • Eaty.com and or Capilead ventures retains all the rights titles and interests in/ and to the software including without limitation to all the software developed by eatym.com and or Capilead ventures to provide the website and all graphics, user interfaces logos and any form of digital images/ graphics/ trademarks produced/ reproduced through the website and the software.
  • These terms and conditions do not grant anyone any access to use the intellectual property licenses or the website or any of its components. All the rights in relation to the website, software its components, contents graphics images intellectual property are protected by copyright and other related laws.

    Anyone found selling, redistributing, producing, recreating the whole/ part of the content, software and its components, images, graphics will be liable to face legal action.
  • Anyone found to manipulate, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, cause any king of damage to the website and or software, its contents and other graphic interfaces will be considered as a cyber-offence.
  • No one is subject to use this website/software/app for illegal purposes or in any manner that will be considered as subject to the breach of the terms and conditions of the website/app/software. It is solely made for restaurant management/business.
  • Eatym grants you to access and use the website in order to view the content and contact Eatym.com/ Capilead Ventures for the use of software and its installation through the website or any other source in accordance with our terms and conditions.


  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone anytime for any reason at any time. We reserve all the rights to change the terms and conditions, policies and prices of our product at any time without prior intimation.
  • You understand that your content (not including the credit card information), transmissions over various networks and involves changes to confirm and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks and changes to confirm and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices. Credit card information is always encrypted during transfer over networks.
  • We are not responsible if some information available on this website, content as a part or on the whole, content in the form of blogs or in any form is not accurate not complete or not as per the current trends.
  • The material provided on this website is only for general information only and should not be relied upon as a sole resource for making decisions without primary consulting with other people. Any kind of dependency on the information provided here solely is at one’s own risk.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any or placed with any of our products or services with us. We may in our sole discretion, limit or cancel order. These restrictions may include orders placed by or under the same customer account, using the same credit card.
  • In the event of cancellation of your order, we may inform you by contacting you through email or billing address or phone, or watsapp.
  • We may in our sole discretion limit the orders placed by an individual or any company/restaurant with us.
  • You agree to provide a complete and accurate current address; account information, bank, and other required details so that the transaction can’t be completed.
  • We may provide access to third party tools over which we may not have any control, monitor or any kind of inputs. We bear no responsibility/ liability whatsoever arising from relating to your use of third party tools.

    Any use of such third party tools thus offered through the site is entirely your own discretion and your own risk. Complaints and grievances related to third party tools and links should be made to the third-party itself.
  • We also introduce/offer new products and services in future through the website/software/app which will be subject to the same terms and conditions.
  • Sometimes there may be some typographic errors on our site’s information, that may be related to the website/ app/ software descriptions, pricing, policies, promotions offers and other related things. We reserve the right to correct any errors inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information or cancel orders if any information in the service or any related website is inaccurate at any time without prior notice even after you place the order with us.


We do not guarantee/ warrantee for uninterrupted timely services, secure or error free. And the result thus may be obtained from the use of services will be accurate or inaccurate. You agree that we may remove or discontinue our services for indefinite periods of time, cancel any service at any time without prior intimation.


We (Capilead Ventures) hold all the sole and exclusive copyrights of Eatym, part and whole of the website/software/app, its content, and services. We own the copyrights to the trademarks, logos, graphics, trade names, trade dress and other intellectual property rights associated with the services and content. Hereby you believe that the content thus produced is the intellectual property of Capilead Ventures.


We hold the privacy of everyone who visits our website/software/app in high regard. Here we would like to inform you that as per our privacy policy we would use your personal data and here is how we are going to use it. We explain it here in the privacy policy.

By submitting your personal data to us, that will be treated by us as you have given your permission where necessary and appropriate.

  • We collect personal information when you use our services through our app/website/software.
  • The information thus collected will be used for data analytics either for you or for the company of the third parties.
  • This information will be further used for communication and provide full support and services to you. This information can also be used in any other manner that may seem to be fit.
  • The appropriate measure has been taken to safeguard the personal information thus taken to prevent unauthorized access to your information that is collected. We work according to industry standards to protect personal information.
  • But taking in to account that no method of transmission through any digital medium is 100% safe and secure. Hence, we cannot guarantee 100% security.
  • We hold no liability and responsibility for disclosure of your personal information due to errors, unauthorized third party access or any other digital medium or any other cause which is beyond our limits of control.
  • One should use one’s discretion while sharing personal details, username, and password or any other security information. In case of such a situation of report, we would consider that it’s out of your permission/auntorization to someone else.
  • All the rights to amend the privacy poliy from time to time without prior intimation will reflect changes in the law.
  • The data collection and other practices, features of our services will keep chaging from time to time. Hence please check this page to keep onself updated with the changes.
  • By continuing to use our website/software/app you wish to accept those changes.


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