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Going the digital way is the new mantra in today’s business world. Every business has a software or an app for better task management. Be it a B-B or B-C business, everyone is following some sort of task management app. There are many apps, some are for free and some are paid. Here are to name for a few:

Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, Too dlee Do, Any do, Things, Google Keep, etc.

In any task management, there are various phases like planning, assignment, testing, tracking, and reporting. These apps help in goal setting and achievement of the same for an individual, a team or any business as a whole.

But basically, all these digital tools sound more workable for the IT sector, production, sales or any kind of business. 

Coming to the restaurant industry, it is totally different from other businesses; the working methodology differs at each level. Other businesses are either B_B or B-C. But this business is only B-C kind. Hence, things have to be designed keeping the customers also.

It means the software has to look more eye-catching & palatable to the customers’ tastes. Moreover, there are too many tasks to be handled at different levels in a restaurant every day.

For example, kitchen management, staff management, store and inventory management, banquet management, POS, easy payment methods, etc. Then there are managers and supervisors who are always on their toes to make sure that everything is perfect everywhere. 

Many big restaurants use different task management apps and software for different tasks. This kind of working method generally lacks proper coordination, which is a must for the effective working of the restaurant. Actually, there is too much interdependence in regards to work on one another. Hence, a single app or software that would take care of all these activities is always a better choice than using too many apps for different tasks.

Generally, restaurant owners run head-on heels to make their restaurant run flawlessly.  As this whole business works only on reputation. A single mistake and the whole goodwill goes at a risk.

Hence, a software that actually gives detailed information about each level of tasks at just a click would work wonders and keep the restaurateur out of being overwhelmed.

Complete information about:

The Dining Room - i.e. no. of tables booked, tables available. Dishes ordered their quantities, dine in- take away, etc.

Inventory – checking the availability of vegetables, groceries, crockeries, spoons and ladles, tableware and linen, etc.

Staff attendance – available staff, no. of absent staff, duties assigned to them, tasks completed or not completed, etc.

Cash counter – POS, different payment methods, discounts if any, offers are there if any, etc.

Restaurant management – banquet management, troubleshooting, customer complaints, etc., list of emergency phone numbers like plumber, electrician other technicians on call, etc.

All these activities literally put the restaurant owner on his feet all the time. A separate single software which manages all these things at one go with just a few clicks would be a great thing.

This would actually take off the unnecessary burden from the shoulders of the restaurant owner. They too can have some time to relax and manage things from their app/ software with just a few clicks.

So till then, happy restaurenting,


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