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The soaring real estate market, rents, and taxes have midwifed the birth of a new type of restaurant business in the past few years. “Food Truck” – your favorite food joint on the wheels. Yes, this idea food some creative genius’s mind has created a buzz among many youngsters. So, many restaurant enthusiasts with low investment levels come up with food trucks. 

We can see many food truck restaurenteurs mushrooming up in the past few years. This is because of one and many reasons:


  1. Minimum investment required

  2. Can experiment with location

  3. Comes with fewer hassles 

  4. Can curb on expensive rental costs

  5. Instant popularity guaranteed among the foodies

  6. It’s mobile. So, it can be moved to various locations depending upon the timings of the prospective customers

  7. One can also experiment with different foods depending upon the timings of the day. Like different breakfasts in the morning, compact lunch combos in the afternoons, snacks in the evenings, handy dinner can be served in the nights.

  8. One can invest in 2 or more food trucks and can also start desserts with juices and ice creams in one truck, some fast food in another truck and regular food in the other one. All these 3 can operate from the same place or work from different locations.


So starting with a food truck, one can come up with any innovative ideas and leverage the “foodie opportunities”. The food truck is the latest buzz in the biz and has generated good employment opportunities for many youngsters. Some students work on a part time basis, as earn a few bucks to support their education. Some work out of passion for food. Whereas some are entrepreneurs choosing their dreams.

If you are u a foodie, try at these mobile eateries and if you are a serial entrepreneur and want to try something new. And here is something new to tickle the businessman within you.

Till then,

Happy restaurenting!!


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