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Cooking is an art. And a good presentation of the cooked food means taking your art to the next level. We tend to “anchor “our hunger through smell, vision, and taste. It means first we see with our eyes and that first look at the food itself motivates us to indulge in the blissful platter.

So, if the food is presented in a not so good way, then it won’t appear palatable to our taste buds at first glance itself. Hence, the food thus prepared must “look good”, “smell good” before we taste it.

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Coming to the restaurant industry the plethora of eatables that are available in the kitchen are displayed on the menu card with small images. The “foodies” generally, read the item name and look for the images of the dish before placing their orders.

Nowadays everything is digitized. So making the menu card too digital would be adding a zing thing to the restaurant. A digital menu card on the androids and other devices makes it look more sophisticated and user friendly. Digital menu card also takes off the emphasis of taking the order in a small notepad. That’s the old way.

Taking orders the “digi way” is the “in thing”. One can take orders/place orders on the digital menu card directly. Name of the dish, quantity, price everything at one touch.

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High resolution images of the dishes on the menu card will make it look more alluring. As it is rightly said, “we eat with our eyes first and then taste it with our tongue.” A digitized menu card makes it come really true.

As the saying rightly says, “there is no sincerer love that the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw

So indulge in the delicacies of the kitchen without feeling sinful in just the digital way. 


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Happy restaurenting!!!

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