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Inventory & Stock Management For Your Business

The riskiest investment of a restaurant is “Inventory”. Inventory and stock which includes vegetables, groceries, tableware, kitchenware, crockery, and linen, etc. are one of the major investments. Out of which the more risky ones are groceries and vegetables and crockery as it turns into loss due to its perishability and breakable nature. So, inefficient management of inventory and stock can bring in unwanted and immediate losses. 



Itemized detailed list of availability and unavailability of the stock is displayed here. Items low in quantity and unused ingredients can also be seen here. One can also check for items that got wasted. This is very important to keep a check on wastage. So, the stock can be managed in an efficient way.



This is one of the many salient features of this software that  is “updating the stock”. One can update the stock whether eatable/ non eatable. Whether it’s a product or an ingredient of the recipe quantity volume, price per volume and supplier whether it’s a totally new product, etc. One can update everything here. 



Keeping innovating one's business is an important key in restaurant industry. Keeping the menu card updated with new recipes while tinkering with the ingredients in the kitchen and creating new ones adding it to the digitized menu card. In this section one can add new recipe to the app which will be visible to one and all in the restaurant.



Cooking is an art and perfection is attained after a few years of experience. This section of “view recipe” is one of its kinds. For novice chefs and expert ones who are trying their hands at making a new dish. This feature is very useful as they can see the recipe and ingredients used which come handy on their screens in this app. 



This is like a new mini directory with the contact numbers and details of the suppliers. One can directly place the order for the required items.



An effective staff at each level of management efficiently adds to the productivity of the whole system. Complete details of the staff their working days, absenteeism and performance along with their designation and salary everything at the clicks all this info at finger tips. 

The photo, contact number, ID number, address, shipping address, etc. every information is stored here. You get access to all the information here just in a few clicks.



There are days where one finds oneself amongst chaos on some crazily busy days and it is difficult to stay connected to one another.  There comes this software for the rescue of your staff.

Staying connected at each level – with each level is very important for efficient management. Attending and inspecting all the tasks personally is not possible. So an app like this gives one the leisure of keeping a watchful eye on everyone and every task. And it leads to effective delegation of work thus giving fruitful results.

“Eatym”  for the one who craves for efficient management.

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